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CJAS is competing in the Scholar One Journal Triathlon!

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 The contest was  “Created to recognize the innovative work of scholarly journals, this all-virtual tournament will allow a journal to compete with its peers in divisions of scholarly agility, efficiency, and endurance—the attributes of a true journal champion.”

The first event, swimming (agility) asks journals to outline how “quickly and easily a journal is able to validate that they’re accepting the right papers for their journal.” 

CJAS’ entry:

The Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences (CJAS) is a multidisciplinary publication, which publishes papers that are empirical, conceptual, and qualitative or quantitative. We assess if we are accepting the right papers for the journal in a number of ways:

1) CJAS is ISI listed, and we monitor the impact factor regularly to see what articles are being cited and which are not. We make adjustments accordingly on annual basis as a result of this checking

2) Through our publisher and through Google Scholar, we monitor which CJAS publications are the most downloaded

3) We solicit feedback from our readers/reviewers/associate editors regularly. In addition to regular editor meetings, we are exhibitors at both the Academy of Management conference and the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada. We host social hours, panels, editor’s talks, and meet with editorial board members.

4) Finally, and perhaps most efficient, is the careful monitoring we give to submissions. We know we are accepting the right papers because we weed out those papers that are not right for CJAS very early in the process. Manuscripts are first screened for language quality, applicability to the administrative sciences, and most importantly, contribution to research. It is only once papers have met this initial screening that they are entered into the review process. Papers are rigorously reviewed, and only those that show potential and can realistically meet the demands of reviewers and editors are invited for resubmission. Generally, time from submission to publication is under one year, which attests to our ‘agility.’ Our acceptance rate currently sits at under 10% – if a paper is accepted for publication, it’s because, much like swimming, it underwent a rigorous, fair, and efficient process.

See further contest details here. Voting opens September 24th!

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