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Editorial board member profile – Sylvain Sénécal

Sylvain Sénécal is an Associate Professor at HEC Montréal and serves on the CJAS board under the Marketing area. He contributes regularly as a reviewer, and co-authored an article published in CJAS titled, The effects of document language quality on consumer perceptions and intentions.

Taken from the HEC Montéal website:

His research interests are related to consumer marketing on the Internet (personalization, web site evaluation, analysis of clickstream) and business marketing on the Internet (sales force and technology, market places). His work has been presented at several international conferences (Canada, United States, Chile, Australia) and published in prestigious scientific journals in marketing and electronic commerce such as the Journal of Retailing and the International Journal of Electronic Commerce.

The expertise Dr. Sénécal brings the CJAS editorial board is an asset to our authors and our readership.

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